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How has B2BD impacted your life?

Updated: Aug 9, 2018

We were curious, so we asked a few cast.

Jessenia, age 18

To me, the most incredible thing is to see all the cast and crew using their God-given talents. It’s amazing seeing what everyone can do in so many different ways, yet doing it ALL FOR JESUS. It has been an amazing, life changing experience.

Jennifer, age 17

Through working with B2BD, I’ve discovered a talent I didn’t know I had, and I gained a sense of what God wants for my life.

Joe, age 17

First off… I auditioned at a rough time in my life and honestly, I’m so glad that I did! Working with cast and crew every week during a time that I didn’t have many relationships with people that cared about God, totally relit a passion in me and I’m so thankful!

Sure B2BD is about the show…. But it’s meant so much more than that to me, and I know to a lot of the rest of the cast also… It’s friendships… It’s memoires…. It’s encouragement…. It’s family.

Tim, age 17

B2BD is straight family. I can’t say enough about the teamwork and encouragement everyone is so willing to give. The work is nothing compared to the many gifts that are used.

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